I founded TractionVibes for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their businesses.  Before founding TractionVibes, I spent over 30 years conceiving, launching and operating entrepreneurial companies. Some were successful, like the one that landed us on the INC.500 list. I sold that business as well as 2 others.

Other projects were not as exciting, but most were profitable and experienced moderate growth. Of course, there were some projects that could be called “train wrecks”, but in hindsight they provided exceptional learning experiences.

I believe the time period we are in today is ideal for entrepreneurs that choose to embrace the use of tools and disciplines such as EOS. After many years of studying and applying business knowledge, I was blown away when I first encountered EOS. Not because it was super sophisticated and cool, but the fact that it is actually very simple, fully tested and amazingly effective.

Every EOS tool has been thoroughly tested with real companies so none of these tools are based on theory. The tools work together to provide a dynamic framework for success that I believe is unrivaled in the market today.  The bottom line: commit to applying the tools, follow the process and greater success and peace of mind will follow.   


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Steve Herring

Professional EOS Implementer